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Allen-Bradley 1756-PA72 C 1756-PA72 ControlLogix AC Power Supply

Allen-Bradley PN-240519 1756-A7 ControlLogix 7 Slots Chassis

Allen-Bradley PN-198907 1756-CN2R ControlLogix Communication Module

Allen-Bradley PN-184723 1756-EN2T CLX ENet/IP 100M

Allen-Bradley PN-159331 1756-RM2 ControlLogix Redundancy Enhanced Module

PN-240520 1756-A10 ControlLogix 10 Slots Chassis

1756-IB32 B 1756-IB32 ControlLogix 32 Pt 12/24V DC D/I Module

1756-OB32 A 1756-OB32 ControlLogix 32 Pt 12/24V DC D/O Module

1756-PAR2 A 1756-PAR2 ControlLogix Power Supply Bundle

PN-240521 1756-A13 ControlLogix 13 Slots Chassis

PN-634828 1756-OF8 ControlLogix 8 Pt A/O I or V Module

1756-OA16 A 1756-OA16 ControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module

1756-OB16D A 1756-OB16D ControlLogix 16 Pt 24V DC D/O Module

1756-OW16I A 1756-OW16I ControlLogix 16 Pt Digital Relay Module

PN-240522 1756-A17 ControlLogix 17 Slots Chassis

1756-OF8H A 1756-OF8H ControlLogix 8 Pt A/O I or V HART Module

PN-114304 1756-L71 ControlLogix 2 MB Controller

1606-XLSRED A 1606-XLSRED 1606 XLS Redundancy Module Power Supply

1756-IB16D A 1756-IB16D ControlLogix 16 Point D/I Module

PN-114304 1756-L71 ControlLogix 2 MB Controller

PN-634827 1756-IF8 ControlLogix 8 Point A/I Module

PN-90061 1756-IB16IF ControlLogix 16 Point Digital Input

1756-OA16I A 1756-OA16I ControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module

PN-688188 2711P-T7C21D8S-B PanelView Plus 7 Standard 7 Terminal

1756-OA16I A 1756-OA16I ControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module

1756-IB16I A 1756-IB16I ControlLogix Input Module

PN-395662 2711P-T10C22D9P-B PanelView Plus 7 Graphic Terminal

PN-86243 1762-IF4 MicroLogix 4 Point Analog Input Module

PN-653428 1769-L24ER-QBFC1B CompactLogix 750KB DI/O AI/O Controller

1769-IF4 B 1769-IF4 CompactLogix 4 Pt A/I C and V Module

PN-114256 1756-L72 ControlLogix 4 MB Controller

PN-545943 100S-E460EN12C IEC 400 A Safety Contactor

PN-520037 100S-E52KD04C IEC 52 A Safety Contactor

PN-520038 100S-E52KD13C IEC 52 A Safety Contactor

PN-545957 100S-E580ED12C IEC 580 A Safety Contactor

PN-545958 100S-E580EN12C IEC 580 A Safety Contactor

PN-545956 100S-E580EY12C IEC 580 A Safety Contactor

PN-519944 100S-E80KD31C IEC 80 A Safety Contactor

PN-519962 100S-E96KD22C IEC 96 A Safety Contactor

104-C09D22 B 104-C09D22 IEC 9 A Reversing Contactor

104-C23KF22 D 104-C23KF22 IEC 23 A Reversing Contactor

PN-186837 104-C30KF02 IEC 30 A Reversing Contactor

104-C43D22 B 104-C43D22 IEC 43 A Reversing Contactor

PN-658505 1756-IF16H ControlLogix 16 Pt A/I HART Module

1606-XLS240E A 1606-XLS240E Power Supply XLS 240 W Power Supply

1606-XLPRED A 1606-XLPRED 1606 Power Supply

PN-86241 1762-OW16 MicroLogix 16 Point Relay Output Module

PN-688177 2711P-T6C21D8S-B PanelView Plus 7 Standard 6 Terminal

1769-IQ16 A 1769-IQ16 CompactLogix 16 Pt 24VDC D/I Module

1769-OB16 B 1769-OB16 CompactLogix 16 Pt 24VDC D/O Module

PN-28969 1769-IF16C CompactLogix 16 Pt A/I Current Module

1769-OF2 B 1769-OF2 CompactLogix 2 Pt A/O C and V Module

1769-PA2 A 1769-PA2 CompactLogix AC 2A/0.8A Power Supply

PN-688188 2711P-T7C21D8S-B PanelView Plus 7 Standard 7 Terminal

PN-114257 1756-L73 ControlLogix 8 MB Controller

Related Circuit Breakers 

PN-D165236    Allen Bradley 1489-M1C060    UL489 6 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165237    Allen Bradley 1489-M1C070    UL489 7 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165238    Allen Bradley 1489-M1C080    UL489 8 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165239    Allen Bradley 1489-M1C100    UL489 10 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165240    Allen Bradley 1489-M1C130    UL489 13 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165241    Allen Bradley 1489-M1C150    UL489 15 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165242    Allen Bradley 1489-M1C160    UL489 16 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165243    1489-M1C200    UL489 20 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165244    1489-M1C250    UL489 25 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165245    1489-M1C300    UL489 30 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165246    1489-M1C320    UL489 32 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165247    1489-M1C350    UL489 35 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165248    1489-M1C400    UL489 40 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165364       1489-M3D500    UL489 50 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165365       1489-M3D600    UL489 60 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-D165366       1489-M3D630    UL489 63 A Miniature Circuit Breaker

PN-431633          1492-RCDA2A25-US         Residual Current Device 25A,2P, 110/220V

PN-431635          1492-RCDA2A40-US         Residual Current Device 40 A, 2 P

PN-D165882       1492-RCDA2B25               Residual Current Device 25 A

PN-D165883       1492-RCDA2B40               Residual Current Device 40 A

PN-D165888       1492-RCDA2C25               Residual Current Device 25 A

PN-D165887       1492-RCDA2C40               Residual Current Device 40 A

PN-431639          1492-RCDA4A25-US         Residual Current Device 25 A, 4 P

PN-431640          1492-RCDA4A40-US         Residual Current Device 40 A, 4 P

PN-431641          1492-RCDA4A63-US         Residual Current Device 63 A, 4 P

PN-D165884       1492-RCDA4B25               Residual Current Device 25 A

PN-D165885       1492-RCDA4B40               Residual Current Device 40 A

PN-D165897       1492-RCDA4B40S             Residual Current Device 40 A

PN-D165886       1492-RCDA4B63               Residual Current Device 63 A

PN-D165898       1492-RCDA4B63S             Residual Current Device 63 A

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