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About our company

Who We Are?

Benotek Engineering Limited is an Engineering Designs, Construction, Project Management and Electrical Instrumentation Company specializing in installation and maintenance of electrical equipment, procurement and supplier of manpower services. We help client in different industries improve performance, reduce costs, and increase growth.

With key areas of discipline in Electrical and Instrumentation/Automation, our values are based on professional commitment supported by a vibrant working environment where expertise and success are fairly rewarded. Benotek Engineering delivers true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients’ unique needs. We engage all levels of our organization problem solving skills from day one, building momentum and capabilities to sustain the success.

We have grown to become a leading engineering solutions sought after for our quality, creativity, and expertise in producing successful outcomes. We are dedicated to total client satisfaction. Our success is founded in our commitment and work culture that inspires, challenges, and insists on nothing short of professional excellence.

    Our Vision

    To be the most trusted and respected Engineering Services Company recognized by our clients for delivering excellence while providing maintenance and installation services to Oil and Gas and building industries.

    Our Mission

    To deliver exceptional value to our clients and with time, advance into specialized services as OEM.

    Our Business Units

    Our goal is to be a world class leader in engineering services, to do this successfully, the company utilizes a range of professional disciplines in human resources, procurement, marketing, building engineering, and general management to service client’s needs.

    Our Core Values

    • TEAMWORK: The spirit of team work and mutual support are essential to our effectiveness.
    • ADAPTABILITY: We have a spirit that is always willing to adapt to change while maintaining our fundamental values and tenacity of purpose.
    • SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT: The safety of people, sites and the protection of environment are essential obligations for each of us.
    • INTEGRITY: We bring to our work a heritage of accomplishments, integrity, excellence and commitment to our clients’ interest.